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Business Box 2 Oswin Road
Leicester  LE3 1HR
T:0116 279 5175  F:0116 279 5120


Avon House 435 Stratford
Road Shirley B90 4AA
T:0121 746 3012  F:0121 746 3001

Preferred Supplier

Preferred supplier contracts with over 75% of UK hospitals

One of the leading UK medical staffing agency operating in Midlands

Recruitment consultants who are trained and experienced in recruiting and placing doctors within each given speciality.

Highly Trained & Friendly Team

Excellent Rates

Great Service

Easy Payment Solutions

Accounting Integration Facility

Compreensive Pool of Jobs

24/7 Support

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Business Box |  2 Oswin Road |  Leicester |
LE3 1HR | 0116 279 5175 | 0116 279 5120

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