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    5 things to know about coronavirus today, 2 April

    • n this round-up, find coronavirus news updates, tips and tools to help you stay informed and protected.
    • Top stories: How South Korea contained COVID-19, how the tourism industry has been impacted and why WHO officials are "deeply concerned."

    What is the World Economic Forum doing about the coronavirus outbreak?


    1. How COVID-19 is impacting the globe

    Officials at a World Health Organization briefing Wednesday said they were deeply concerned, noting that confirmed cases have now been reported in nearly every country, territory and area.

    "The number of deaths has more than doubled in the past week,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General. “In the next few days we will reach 1 million confirmed."

    The Director-General noted that fighting this new virus and the world's first ever first-ever pandemic caused by a coronavirus will take continued resolve. “We have to stand in unison to fight this dangerous virus."

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    Media briefing on with @DrTedros. 

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    A multi-prong approach was key, explained South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha at a recent virtual World Economic Forum COVID Task Force meeting. The country worked quickly and identified "super spreaders," those who pass the virus to multiple people. Key, however, was taking an all-government approach, mobilizing government ministries as well as regional and city governments. That strategy paid off, especially when it came to limited health care resources.

    “When one region ran out of hospital beds we asked other provinces to open up beds in their hospitals," she said. "When it ran out of doctors, we asked doctors in other regions to help."

    South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha
    Image: Reuters

    The number of daily flights around the world has decreased significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Flight tracking data from website Flightradar24 shows 196,756 flights were tracked on 21 February and just 64,522 on 29 March, a drop of around 67%

    COVID-19 and influenza vary drastically in a number of ways. Regarding severity, according to the WHO (based on the current available data), 80% of COVID-19 infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe (requiring oxygen) and 5% are critical (requiring ventilation). These figures are considerably higher than what is typically observed in flu.

    COVID-19 is also more deadly than seasonal influenza. The crude mortality rate for COVID-19, based on confirmed cases to date, is currently estimated by the WHO to be between 3-4%, with seasonal influenza sitting well below 0.1%